Darnagul Qasabasi Str. Ajami Nakhchivani, Block 3097 Baku, Azerbaijan AZ 1108

Welcome from the Director

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Baku International School,

A quality school facility must be safe, clean, and inviting. A quality school must have up-to-date textbooks, workbooks, and sufficient support materials. Curriculum and a system of curricular review, like the cooperatively written curriculum provided by QSI, are essential in maintaining standards and giving direction to the educational process. It is the role of the Baku International School administration to promote these essential facilities and materials. However, a quality school is more than a building, equipment, and teaching materials.

Quality education requires the effective and balanced interaction of many individuals. Excellent teachers must be supported in their efforts to deliver appropriately challenging and engaging lessons in a loving and passionate manner. Parents should feel welcome and involved with their childs education during field trips, holiday events, and through an active parent-school association. An advisory board is necessary to give the school balance and direction. Students should be represented to administration through an involved Student Council. It is the role of an administrator to facilitate this interaction with an unwavering focus on the best interest of each student in the school.

Baku International School is projected to continue growing throughout the 2013-2014 school year. Additional classrooms are being arranged, and significant construction will take place during the summer to accommodate this growth. Teachers will continue to be hired whenever and wherever needed. Quality at Baku International School will continue as it always has, centered on making decisions that are in the best interest of each student entrusted to the school. We believe that We Care at this quality international school.

Best wishes for a blessed school year,
Dr. Susan Seaman / Director of Baku International School
Baku International School is fully accredited kindergarten through secondary (high school) graduation by internationally recognized Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools in the United States.